Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Re: CBCP Statement on Sept 13, '05

Statement of the Cabinet Secretary

The CBCP statement affirming the central role of prayer, sobriety and rule of law in the continuing search for truth, provides wise and enlightening guidance to our people.

The call for the nation to move on and to turn our attention and energies toward alleviating proverty is a sorely needed direction also taken by government and the great majority of our citizenry.

In the quest for truth, it is important to recall the CBCP's warning in its July 10 statement:

"In this grave situation, various groups take advantage of one another, manipulate situations for their own agenda, and create confusion among our people sometimes by projecting speculation or suspicion as proven fact, with the aim of grabbing power." (CBCP)

Let us all heed the preaching of the Bishops for peace, truth, sobriety, rule of law, and the upliftment of our poor kababayan.